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Auditory Training

Our Services

Explore the comprehensive hearing healthcare services available at Wolfe Hearing

Appointment types

See below for a selection of our appointment types to help you understand which services you may want to book and the time and costs involved.

Ear Exam

Diagnostic hearing test


45 mins

Tests to investigate medical symptoms or determine presence, extent and cause of any suspected hearing problem. This is ideal for when your doctor or workplace has recommended a hearing test.

Hearing Aid

Hearing aid servicing


No booking required.

We can clean and service your hearing aids and perform minor repairs over the counter. We can also send your hearing devices for repairs by the manufacturer if needed.

Auditory Training

Hearing test and hearing needs assessment


75 mins

Full hearing assessment and treatment recommendations including thorough discussion of hearing aids if appropriate. We explain the benefits of different treatment plans, the pro's and cons of hearing aid styles and the features best suited for your individual needs. 

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Hearing aid adjustments

$89 - $149

30-60 mins.

Fine tuning and adjustment of hearing aids purchased from us or from most other providers in New Zealand. (Note that hearing aids purchased online might not be adjustable and the initial fitting of devices purchased elsewhere carries an additional fee.)

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Tinnitus assessment




A special series of tests to determine the nature of your tinnitus. A diagnostic hearing test is included. We provide personalised recommendations for tinnitus treatment and management 


Wax removal


20-30 mins


We have limited appointments available for wax removal with our audiologists at certain locations each week. Phone your local clinic for available times. We provide a complimentary hearing check following wax removal to rule out an underlying hearing problem.

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Free Second Opinion

Wolfe Hearing offers new customers a free second opinion.  If you are not satisfied with your current provider or simply want independent unbiased advice, book a complimentary obligation free appointment with us.

Just bring in your hearing test and hearing aids (if you have them), and find out whether we could improve your hearing.

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