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Hearing Tests

Learn why it's important to test your hearing and about the types of tests offered at Wolfe Hearing

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Take control of your hearing health

Here are five reasons why regular monitoring of your hearing and early intervention are essential. 


1. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss may prevent any potential effect on the brain’s sound processing, leading to cognitive decline and permanent damage to your hearing health and wellbeing.

2. It helps you identify and treat other health problems which may have associated hearing symptoms such as dull hearing or tinnitus.

3. It's much easier to treat hearing problems when they first arise, and doing so means you can continue to enjoy the activities you love. 

4. You can monitor and be aware of gradual changes in your hearing levels that you may not notice (but others will). 

5. You can reduce the emotional impact of hearing loss including strain on relationships, frustration, embarrassment, loss of identity and loneliness.

Check your own hearing

Wondering if you have a hearing loss?

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Some early signs of hearing loss

2. Wanting the TV louder than is comfortable for others.

3. Asking people to repeat things or feeling that they mumble

4. Hearing tinnitus or ringing in the ears

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1. Having difficulty hearing in social situations or where there is background noise.

Which appointment is right for you?

Ear Exam

Diagnostic hearing test


45 mins

Tests to investigate medical symptoms or determine presence, extent and cause of any suspected hearing problem. This is ideal for when your doctor or workplace has recommended a hearing test.

Auditory Training

Hearing test and hearing needs assessment


75 mins

Full hearing assessment and treatment recommendations including thorough discussion of hearing aids if appropriate. We explain the benefits of different treatment plans, the pro's and cons of hearing aid styles and the features best suited for your individual needs. 

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Tinnitus assessment




A special series of tests to determine the nature of your tinnitus. A diagnostic hearing test is included. We provide personalised recommendations for tinnitus treatment and management 

Workplace and pre-employment hearing tests

Medical diagnostic hearing tests and pre/post operative tests

Hearing needs assessments and hearing aid recommendations

ACC and War Veterans Hearing tests

Government hearing aid funding applications

Civil aviation tests for Pilots

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