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Ear-cleaning and wax removal

Although ear wax is a normal and healthy part of the function of our ears, it can sometimes build up and block our ear canal.


This blockage is more likely to occur if we wear hearing aids or try to clean our ears with cotton buds (this can push the wax in further to form a plug).


At Wolfe Hearing we use gentle ear suction and micro tools to remove ear wax safely and comfortably.

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Wax suction appointments may have limited availability at some of our locations.


Call us on 0800 300 303 to arrange an appointment in Cambridge or Te-Awamutu or click the button below to book online in Pukekohe

Why do we have


Ear wax, also known as cerumen, plays an important role in the health of our ears. Primarily, it acts as a natural defense mechanism, protecting the delicate ear canal from foreign particles, such as dust, bacteria, and insects. Its sticky consistency traps these particles, preventing them from reaching deeper into the ear where they could cause damage or infection. Additionally, ear wax helps to moisturize the skin of the ear canal, and possesses antimicrobial properties, which help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi within the ear. While sometimes viewed as unpleasant or bothersome, ear wax plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and functionality of the ear.  Ear wax varies widely between individuals and can be dry and flakey, oily, or thick and sticky, all of which are normal.

Do I need ear-wax removed professionally?

Our ears are self cleaning and if we leave them alone, wax should naturally make its way out of the ear canal. If too much ear wax accumulates, it can lead to to discomfort and hearing difficulties. 


A common cause of excessive ear wax build-up is frequent use of cotton buds or other items to clean the ears. This practice can push ear wax back deeper in the ear canal and cause impaction). Daily use of hearing aids or earplugs can also prevent the natural migration out of the ear canal and cause a blockage. Aside from that, some people are simply prone to producing excessive wax.

When ear wax is causing, discomfort, earache and hearing problems, it's time to seek treatment. It's also important to ensure that your symptoms are not being caused by something else.

Mild cases of wax build-up may resolve on their own or with the use of over-the-counter ear drops designed to soften the wax, allowing it to naturally exit the ear canal. In more severe cases, where the buildup is impacted or causing significant discomfort, a healthcare professional may need to intervene.


At Wolfe Hearing we use the latest technology to safely remove wax and our Audiologists can also look after all aspects of your hearing health. We may ask you to soften ear wax with oil or ear drops for a few days before your appointment.

Book ear wax removal online at Wolfe Hearing  Pukekohe

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